Welcome to the Lansbury Lawrence Primary School website. We hope that you have time to explore it and find out more about us. If you do, you will find out about a school that has a Growth Mindset at its heart. All of our staff and pupils understand that by being ambitious, looking for challenges and working hard, we can go further and do better. (read more)

Revision Tips – Reading

We created a revision poster for reading because we want to help other children to be successful. We have been using these strategies and they have helped us immensely. Hopefully it can benefit you too. Enjoy Khadija and...

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What is art?

Question of the week: what is art? Our teacher (Miss Drummonds) presented a famous painting by Jackson Pollock; we thought that it wasn't 'real' art because it didn't fit our idea of what art should be. However, after unpicking misconceptions, we realised that the...

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Our topic this term is Plants and Gardening. Today we explored how plants grow and survive. We talked about seeds and why they need soil, water, sunlight and air to be able to grow. We then made our own plant pots out of newspaper and planted our very own seed. We...

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Year 1 Parachute Fun

We had a great time learning how to use the parachute in PE today. We found out that it's important to work as a team to control the parachute- we managed to run underneath and pass balls around it. It was tiring but very...

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Jack and the Beanstalk!!

Our classroom was such a mess!!            We had only stepped out of our classroom for 15 mins! Tables were thrown on the floor, there were chairs every where and 2 Giant like footprints on the floor!!! (are Giants really real??) In the middle of it all was a note...

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