Welcome to the Lansbury Lawrence Primary School website. We are a successful, multi-cultural nursery and primary school in the heart of Poplar in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We have 2 forms of entry from Reception to Year 6 and we have a large nursery of 120 pupils.

We apply our Growth Mindset to everything that we do; whether we’re making friends, solving a maths challenge, telling a story or building our imagination. It gives us high expectations of ourselves and each other.  All of our staff and pupils understand that by being ambitious, looking for challenges and working hard, we can go further and do better.  (read more)

Fractions Immersion

Year 4 have started their new Math unit learning about fractions. In the immersion lesson today, both classes did a carousel of fun activities - writing, drawing, representing and working out fractions. Have a glimpse at the pictures. Also, next time you slice a cake...

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Newsletter – 18th January 2019

Dear Parents and CarersThis week, each child in year 5 has received an hour cycling training session to develop their skills in controlling a bike. Cycling to school is a good way to stay healthy and help make our environment a nicer place to live. We have bike racks...

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Investigating tooth decay

Riley class have started their investigation into tooth decay. They will be observing over time the effect on teeth when it is exposed to different types of acid such as Coca Cola and vinegar which they will compare with teeth exposed to water and milk. They have used...

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Giacometti inspired sculptures

After exploring the work of artist, Alberto Giacometti, Hokusai Class finished their sculptures of human bodies this week. Like Giacometti, Hokusai Class made their sculptures long and thin, like shadows on the ground when the sun is low. They moulded their figures...

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