By Fabiha and Michael James


This week our class and Hadid class went on a trip to the Imperial War Museum we got there by DLR and the Tube it was a good experience. We learnt what the soldiers used and what they went through. We did a worksheet where we had to find something that was used in a house, that a soldier wore and other things that we had to find. Overall it was really fun and we got to see many interesting items like planes,tanks,guns,swords and more. We really enjoyed the trip and when we got back we were able to write a reflection about our day and what we saw.


This week in Geography we found out that England didn’t stand alone in the Battle of Britain, but the whole of the British Empire were helping them. Countries from all over the world that were in the British Empire gave different materials to help England create new items that would help them in the War. Because of all of their help they were able to create many things like, fireproof suits, tires for cars, steel for ships and many more.

Maths and English

In English we started typing our best copy onto our chrome books. They are about war stories. In Maths we did multiplying and dividing decimals by integers. After that we learnt how to find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.