Hello everyone, it has been another great week here in Lichtenstein class. We have been continuing our fantastic work around the topic of space and some of our class have been making incredible progress in their cycling lessons.

This past week we have been taking a closer look at the sun and the earth. In particular the earth rotating on its axis and orbiting the earth. Some of us were lucky enough to be involved in physical demonstrations of these processes.

Najibah, Zainab and Mr Riddell showing us how we get night and day!

Another exciting event that Lichtenstein has been involved in over the last few weeks is our cycling lessons! A select few have had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike and we have been making some fantastic progress.

Najibah, Hannah, Syeda and Safiyyah perfecting their balance!
Ibrahim zooming along!

It has been another great week of progress in Lichtenstein class. We are looking forward to using our new knowledge and skills to good use next week!