by Afsana and Md Emad

We have a lot to say about our week.

Last week, we innovated a story about a Stone Age character and wrote the chapters in five days. In chapter one and two, a Stone Age girl called Kim misses her elder sister and then gets invited on her first hunt. It fits into our topic because the first prehistoric age was the Stone Age.

We learnt that schools were focusing on anti-bullying for a whole week, and we agreed that it was important every day so we will remember it. Bullying means doing something over and over again to hurt somebody or their feelings, and anti means against. Our school is anti-bullying, and we practised by thinking what to say as a friend to someone who might be feeling bullied:

In PE, we finished learning how to play cricket by playing a game. The first team scored 11 and so did the second team, so it was a tie. We have been practising throwing, catching, using space, being a team and communicating. Maths has also been fun because we have been showing numbers in lots of different ways and the maths leads helped Mr Harrington. We also had an assembly about using the internet safely.

Did you know that there are three types of natural rocks: metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous. These are all made in different ways and have different properties. Some other rocks are man-made. We learnt this in our science lessons.

Next week Monday we are visiting the National History Museum, and we think the whole class is looking forward to seeing prehistoric animals and fossils. I hope we see things from the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.