Wow! What a high energy morning of running, jumping, balancing and, of course, lots of cheering and smiling!

Years 3 and 4 started us off bright and early with some high energy cheering and some super fast sprinting. It was great to see them cheer on every single member of their team right through to the last person. It’s no wonder they were team spirit champions at the Poplar Bath Games recently!

Next, Years 1 and 2 joined eagerly, as did their parents and carers in huge numbers. So much so, that we had 3 – yes THREE – parents races! Thank you for coming to watch and participate. We all loved cheering you on!

Year 5 and 6 arrived last, but by no means least, and completed their activity rounds in word record times, which allowed time for some extra special year 5 vs year 6 races! Huge numbers of volunteers for both the boys and girls races meant a big finale to a fantastic morning.

An incredibly big thank you to the many parents and carers who came to support our sports day in Bartlett Park; the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant!

Please enjoy the photos and quotes from the children below!

KS2 – 3 & 4

This time we worked as a team and we shouted words of encouragement at each other. The sack race was my favourite -Alexia, Riley Class

We helped people get through the races and we cheered for them to get through it! Egg and spoon race and relay were my favourite – Umar, Riley Class

KS2 – 5 & 6

Sports day was a day of fun! The most fun part was when everyone was cheering and you didn’t know who was going to win, it was a big competition! – Amirah, Lichtenstein Class

It was really fun working as a team! Even if we didn’t win, we still had a great time! – Rida, Kahlo Class

My favourite activity was the relay racing where year 5 were vs year 6 because we got to prove that year 5 was faster than year 6! – Myles, Kahlo Class

Even if we didn’t win, we kept on trying and worked as a team – Sadiya, Kahlo Class

My favourite activity was when we did the relay races because it was fun – Ayaan, Lichtenstein Class

It has been fun and it was challenging. Me and my team were supporting each other – Nabila, Lichtenstein Class

My favourite sport was the long jump. It was really fun and I jumped really high! – Manha, Kahlo Class