by Mahmudur and Maryam I

Our topic is the Romans and when they were in Britain, so a lot of our lessons have been about that. We read a poem at the start of the week about a Roman soldier, and our book now is Queen of Darkness. It is about Boudicca. We also did activities about the amphitheatre in early morning work. We learnt that the amphitheatres were made out of stone and wood, and that it was a place where people were entertained in different ways. We watched a video of a gladiator fight and the fighter who won refused to attack the loser even though the emperor put his thumb down. Our own story in English is about the Romans too because we changed Cinderella so that the story is in the Roman Empire. We had to write about the personality, appearance, movements and speech of the characters. Our challenge was that we had to include paragraphs and new vocabulary:

I found it hard, but I managed to write half a page (Mahmudur).

I think I’ll enjoy writing chapter 5 the most because I will satisfy the reader with the ending (Maryam I).

We were learning all about fractions for the whole week. We wrote about fractions and drew fractions after looking at them on a sheet and using cubes. The difficult challenge was finding the fraction of the class that were teachers. I thought it was harder at first, then we counted how much people there were in the room so it was easy. The answer was 1/28.

We have been learning about pushes and pulls in science. We know that pushes and pulls are forces and that a twist can be a push or a pull too. If two forces are balanced, it means the forces are the same size but pushing or pulling in opposite directions. Forces make objects start moving, stop moving, speed up, slow down or change direction. Friction is surfaces sliding across each other, and we tested magnets and other items to get spoons out of a bowl of water.