This morning was great to see so many returning faces to our second workshop focussing on numbers within 10. Today, parents/carers explored subitising within 10 frames and looked at representations in two-wise and five-wise representations. Through our discussions we observed that two-wise representations supported our visual understanding of odds and evens, whilst five-wise helped us see 5 and a bit:

Taken from Number Sense Maths Systematic number fact teaching | Number Sense Maths

Just like Maths lessons in school, our session began with a Retrieval Practice and parents/carers discussed prior learning from Workshop 1:

7 Tree and 9 Square Systematic number fact teaching | Number Sense Maths

We noticed that 7 is made up of 3 + 4 or 4+ 3 and we can see 9 as 6+3 or 3+6 . Knowing this helped with quick mental recall and supported our working memory when applying these facts to trickier algorithms.

Once we explored ten frames, we then looked at part whole models and discussed the concept of part and whole. Families soon got stuck into partitioning numbers into two parts and making connections with addition and subtraction.

Our next workshop is in Spring, where we focus on bridging ten.