by Humam and Areen

We enjoyed using a number line to tell the time. We were in the playground, and we counted in fives to make a straight line then turned our groups of 5 into a clock. Later this half term, I am looking forward to being an even better mathematician. Yousef got a certificate for being a great problem solver.

On Thursday, we visited an amazing local church. We thought it was a good trip because we asked lots of questions and Father Andrew had lots of answers. It was actually lots of fun.

Lunctimes were enjoyable because I like the food in the lunch hall and we all like playing in the playground. The summer fair was the best day though because our parents came in to school to enjoy the activities on the stalls.

Did you know our class plant is still growing too and Ehsaan got a postcard for being reflective this week! We only have six weeks before the end of school this year.