by the whole class

This week, we learnt a lot about computing, French, English, P4C and mountains – Syeda


We used Canva to design a poster for a religious event. In RE, we learnt that religions use their buildings for chats, helping and singing as well as praying. The app we used for the posters helped us to choose colours, change fonts and add pictures. Sometimes we had to ask for help with the decorations. Maryam A and Bilal


In French we were learning how to write and say lots of animal names. At first it felt very hard, but we got used to it and it was easier than we thought it would be. We practised the colours and numbers too. The numbers are not the same as English, but some words you can work out, and we said it very clearly. I enjoyed this lesson the most because we are learning a new language. Md Mahmudur, Rayan and Zahraa


We started to innovate a story called the Snow Leopard. We needed to use our imaginations, and now we have different plans that we will use to write our own snow stories. Year 4 came to our class to read the stories they have been writing. That was so cool. Fatima

Mountains and Volcanoes

We learnt how a mountain is formed. There are different types, and they are made by the Earth’s plates pushing together really hard. The plates move a little bit each year. Volcanoes are similar but different because they are an opening in the Earth’s crust that lets out hot magma. We had to use the strips of paper to show how mountains are formed. Amaar and Rukaiya


I loved it when I went to science club, so I told my teacher all about it. Science club was with Ms Atif, and we did lots of interesting experiments. We used pepper, water, coloured ink, warm milk, vinegar and soap to look for chemical and physical changes. In arts and crafts club with Ms Begum, we made a rainbow that turned out so nice. Next week, I think we are making slime with glitter. Emad and Maryam I


We watched a video in P4C about a dandelion that sacrificed its life. It’s seeds helped other dandelions grow, and we sat in a circle to discuss it. Maisha

We were being creative thinkers by suggesting new ideas and we used communication. Radeyah

We used sentences to build, add and follow other ideas. Tabgila

The class enjoyed sharing first thoughts and questions. These will help us to explore big ideas and concepts in upcoming lessons. Mr Daley