In Maths, we are learning about length and perimeter. We started off by measuring objects in our classroom and that included our learning partners.

Manha is very tall. She is 1m and 50 cm. Almost as tall as Ms Miah!

In English, we have been reading The Iron Man. We got into character as Hogarth and wrote a diary entry about seeing the Iron Man for the first ever time.

Enjoy reading Hogarth’s diary entry.
Our plan.
We will now move on to explore how the angry farmers felt and what they might have said after finding out that the savage Iron Man ate all of their machinery.

Last week, we celebrated STEAM day and had great fun making lava lamps.

“That is so cool!” – Adyan Y4.
Come and join in, everyone is welcome :).
It was lovely having children from different year groups work together.

In HRE, we have been learning about feelings and how to express feelings. A feeling is a reaction to something and we know that feelings do not last forever. They are constantly changing. We show our feelings through our body language and facial expressions. We also express our feelings in many different ways such as talking, writing and drawing.

Our feelings throughout the day.
How we might show what we are feeling inside through our body.
We can use the Zones of Regulation poster in class to identify what zone we are in, what we are feeling and next steps.

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