This term we are learning about the Great Fire of London. We recently went on an exciting trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was an insightful experience for all of us.

During our visit, we embarked on a thrilling adventure back in time by exploring St Paul’s Cathedral and unravelling the mysteries behind the fire: how it started, how it spread and the heroic effort made by people to save our city. The children immersed themselves in history by acting out a scene where they passed a bucket of water to each other to put out the fire. This required a lot of listening, team work and great communication. It was an engaging and educational experience that brought history to life. The Great Fire of London might be a chapter from the past, but its lessons echo through the ages, teaching us the importance of community, hope and the unyielding spirit of Londoners.

But wait, there’s more! We also had the privilege of exploring the stunning architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral, embracing the sights and sounds of the Cathedral and the surrounding areas.

There’s a world full of wonders waiting for our young historians to explore so keep an eye out for our next adventure!