On Tuesday 1st October, parents and carers from children in KS2 attended the first of a series of workshops exploring ways to support our learners with multiplication table facts.

Mr. Daley demonstrating online support at home.

The event was well attended with over 40 adults learning together with the support of expert children helpers in Year 4 & 5.

Year 4 & 5 children support adults with TTRockstars.

Our National Curriculum states that all children should know their times table facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4. That’s 144 facts!

That’s a lot of facts!

We looked at a strategy today using the counting stick and applying 5 different strategies to support our learners to quickly learn and recall their multiplication facts.

Learning these strategies creates extra space in our working memory.

Using the 5 key strategies we quickly learnt our 8 times table and were able to mentally recall facts using a counting stick.

To apply our knowledge and skills, Mr. Daley created a Battle Royale with TTRockstars, which all parents competed against one another in the Arena mode. Certificates were given to the top 5 fastest adults and was a fun activity to finish the workshop.

Mr. Daley explaining that TTRockstars doesn’t teach you times table facts, it helps with quick mental recall in a fun way.
One parent said, “It is a fun way to practice at home.”

We look forward to welcoming adults back on Tuesday 15th October 9-9:30am to hear about your practice at home and to learn about fact families and the 24 Game. Here is the power point from today’s workshop.

Don’t forget to try out some of the activities suggested in your hand out.