Today we had so much fun baking bread as part of Food technology and English! We used a recipe, carefully measured the ingredients and followed the method as instructed on the recipe. We got our fingers stuck in and worked in teams to mix, knead and smoothen out the dough. We couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at how fun yet relaxing it felt to squish all that dough together!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
Can you tell that I’m super excited?

It’s all in the Mix! We work hard and sing at the same time!

Taking the dough to the oven

What an impressive bake off! Our golden loaves of delicious bread!

What was amazing about this task was that all pupils were able to join in, become professional bakers for the day, feel special and most of all, enjoy the result of their hard work! It was a bit salty but they still finished each crumb!