Today in Riley class, we were enjoying a fun-filled STEAM Day.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths – we’ve been learning about various famous scientists during the week and talking to some incredible STEMettes in yesterday’s assembly.

In our maths lesson today, we had to work in pairs to solve a very tricky set of puzzles relating to place value. The answer to the questions contributed a letter and helped us to find the answer to this joke:

What do you get when you put a cold dog on a rabbit?

A chili dog on a bun!

In the afternoon, we had two challenges to complete – both related to bridges!

First we worked in pairs to turn a piece of A4 card into a suspensive bridge that had to carry a number of cubes. We were so impressed with the great partner work between the children and their resilience in trying to increase their cube count!

After that, we turned an old Chromebook cardboard box into an even LARGER bridge. This team, our engineers had to construct a bridge that would carry the maximum number of workbooks. After 30 minutes of intense cutting, gluing, taping and stapling, we were ready to test our bridges out.

There was a tie at the top – 3 teams built bridges that carry 28(!!) maths books, and perhaps even more!

Well done to all our engineers for your fantastic creations!