Year 5 have been working with Hester from R-Urban on an exciting air quality project. They have been learning lots of interesting facts about our local area and how the wind affects how polluted a particular spot is. They have also been learning about moss, and how this plant can help with air pollution.

Did you know that moss in this country is often cleared away and considered a weed? However, in Japan moss is very respected and bought as a decorative plant. Moss is very clever as it has the ability to filter out and absorb air pollutants such as particulates and nitrogen dioxide, which makes them ideal air purifiers.

Year 5 looked at the artist, Malevich, who makes work using geometric shapes. They then made stencils of shapes before working in teams to design their own Malevich inspired designs. Using a mixture of moss and live yoghurt, they painted through their stencils on to the walls around school to encourage moss to grow. When it does grow, we need to look after it, as it will help make the air we breathe cleaner.

Year 5 Malevich design
Preparing our designs
Applying the moss mixture (it looked like mashed up Weetabix)
One of our designs applied to a wall