Children in year 3 enjoyed their first trip of the year today. We were met by a representative of Telford Homes who was our guide for the day as we climbed the staircase of the tower and found out about it’s significance to our community.

Amelia: “I visited the clocktower in Chrisp Street Market with my class. We took a photo in front of the mural. The mural is a painting of the tower and some other buildings in our local area. We went all the way to the top and there were so many steps, but I saw my home and I faced my fear of heights. I learnt that the clocktower is 71 years old. The view at the top was beautiful, and I could even see the DLR station”

Aamilah: “The visit to the clocktower in Chrisp St Market was sooo exciting, and it was a bit spooky too. There were endless steps!!!!! When we got to the top, we took pictures of the Lansbury Estate. We saw the market, the Festival Inn and our school. We had so much fun, and our guide gave us a map of the community. It also showed how the community will look when the building work is finished.”

Shafaat: “At the bottom of the tower, the top looked so far away. I think the clocktower is important because it is the tallest building we have nearby.”

Maryam I: “The view from the top was amazing. I saw everything on the Lansbury Estate, and I could see into my classroom. The history of the the tower is the same as my school because they were both built for the Festival of Britain.”