As we begin our topic for Spring term one, Toys: then and now, Goldsworthy class visited the Young V&A to explore toys through time. It was a fantastic and captivating experience to find out about what toys were played with in the past compared to now and we can’t wait to learn even more about this back at school. Read further to find out about our visit!

Travelling by bus, we entered the Museum and were greeted by wonderful workers at the Young V&A who were eager to invite us in to view the exhibits.

Play Gallery

In this sensory landscape, colours, textures and shapes were explored. We were really excited to build our own games – introducing elements of Maths to advance within the game. We really enjoyed this area as it was interactive and really got us thinking about the process of how games are made!

Further parts of the collection are displayed within a construction zone which encouraged us to use our problem-solving and design skills with a large marble run.

This was a great opportunity for us to work collaboratively which we have been working on in P4C (Philosophy for Children).

We spotted sounds that we’ve learned in phonics too!

Design Gallery

We used this area to explore how things are designed, made and used, and the ways in which design can change the world.

The Open Studio was amazing to visit and experience the works of contemporary artist Clara. Our excitement could be seen and heard in our questions about her creations. We found out she has special tools that she uses to make her creations such as a welding tool to fuse materials together.

“How did you put those pieces together?” – Ayaan N
“But can you still open it?” – Samika
“That looks like our laptop (keyboard purse).” – Jahiem

“Won’t it break if you just tape it?” – Safa

Imagine gallery

This gallery contained a variety of spaces to inspire creative expression through performance, storytelling, imagination and community. The stage had lots of props to dress up with for us to have our own performance!

In this area, we were using our imagination to create, build and innovate creations. Some of us worked to gather to create something.

These are a few examples of what we came up with:

Wrapping up…

We could not wait for lunch! It was yummy and a great time for us to relax before heading home after all that exploring!

Thank you for reading our blog and we cannot wait to share more of our trips throughout this year!

Goldsworthy Class