Yesterday, year 5 were lucky enough to spend to the day at the Greenwich Observatory. We experienced many workshops, learnt lots about our solar system and explored space virtually in the planetarium.

Sharing our knowledge about the Sun, Earth and Moon with workshop leader, Jess
I-Spy Canary Wharf!
Akram discussing and demonstrating the moon’s orbit of the Earth
Did you know the Sun is 1 MILLION times the size of the Earth! We looked at scaling using marbles, balls and one giant beach ball!
Kahlo Class were enthusiastic about their learning about night, day and the phases of the moon
A solar eclipse!
We also got to watch a video about how the solar system was formed – did you know Jupiter was the first planet to form?
We used our knowledge from the video to complete a crossword quiz!
We spent some time exploring the telescope exhibition room
A cosmic day out!