Hokusai and Hepworth took part in a virtual trip of the Havering Hoard exhibition courtesy of a live stream by The Museum of London. The two classes explored prehistoric artefacts, listened to stories and examined archive images in an attempt to solve a Bronze Age mystery. The students also had the opportunity to submit questions in a live Q & A session with museum experts as they learnt about life thousands of years before the common era. Both classes are now eagerly looking forward to the rest of their new topic: Stone Age – Iron Age.

“We saw objects found in Havering from the Bronze Age. There are four theories about how the objects got buried, and the team dug for months and months to find them.” (Tasnim R)

“I learnt that they were called Stone, Bronze and Iron Age because those were the materials they started to use at the time.” (Aisha)

“The artefacts are from people thousands of years ago when our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-…………..grandfathers lived! The objects are valuable, and they found 453 pieces.” (Rayyan, Maryan and Ahmed)

“I wonder if our school is on top of any prehistoric artefacts!” (Rida)

“I learnt the word archaeologist, and I remember they found the handle of an axe first.” (Louie)