Today, both classes visited St Anne’s church as part of our RE lesson. We met Kate who helped us learn about lots of different objects and their significance to Christianity.

For our activity, we had to work in groups to find the different objects in the church that are used in worship. We learned the names of several items we’ve never seen before and the information that was shared with us taught us why they were significant. Here is some of what we explored:


“The pulpit was made because many years ago, there were no microphones to help project the speakers’ voices. The Bible used to be read from the pulpit” – Abdul

“The stained glass window has a picture of Jesus on the cross. He died to sacrifice himself for everyone’s sins.” – Matylda

“The bread and wine represents Jesus’ body and his blood. The bread represents his body, the wine represents his blood.” – Adyan

“The organ is a musical instrument and it is used in Church during their service. It makes a lovely sound.” – Imani

“People read the bible. Some of the bible is about God and life and how Jesus Christ dies. It tells Christians about who killed Jesus and put him on the cross too.” – Aaron

“This is a font. The water in the font is used to baptise babies or adults. Baptism symbolises the end of your old life and beginning of your new life.” – Tahiya

“These are called pews. They are used for Christians to sit down during their time in Church. Christians will take part in prayer while sitting in the Church.” – Ibrahim D

“This is a community board to show the people that follow the Church and its teachings. It is a way to show belonging and caring.” – Musa