Today was an awesome day for Delaunay and Tagore class! We got a chance to visit our local fire station and it was super exciting!

We had the opportunity to see the firefighters in their uniforms, and they told us about all the brave stuff they do to keep us safe. After looking around the fire-truck and all it’s equipment, we asked lots of questions to find out information that we can use in our reports later this week.

. . . . Guess what? We even got to use the hosepipe! What an awesome thrill! It was like being a real fire fighter, and lots of the children said it inspired them to want to be people who help the community when they are older. We also stopped on Kerbey Street and Chrisp Street to record data about the different types of geographical features around us. We realised that there are more examples of human geography in our neighbourhood than physical geography.

We had a blast at the fire station, and it was a day we’ll never forget!