Our final challenge for this half-term is all about how we use our digital devices at home. This week is Safer Internet Week and we have been focusing on being safe while browsing the internet – spotting what’s real or fake, keeping information private, having a strong password. What we don’t often think about is our habits.

A habit is something that you do (very often) without thinking about it.

For example, you might have a good habit already: you wash your hands after using the bathroom, you say ‘thank you’ when someone helps you or you always hang up your coat when you come in from outside. People often have bad habits too: some people might pick their nose or rush their work because they want to be finished first. Most people have bad habits when it comes to how often, where and when we use our phones, tablets and laptops. But we can turn bad habits into good habits. It just takes time… (and effort!).

Watch the video below to find out how you can create a Healthy Habit during your half-term holiday. Share a piece of writing about how your new habit makes you feel or a photo of your new habit in action or a video diary about how it feels to be changing your habits. We can’t wait to see your entries – you can attach your work to the assignment in Google Classroom or email it to bmcnerney@lansbury.net.

What new digital habits will you create with your family? We can’t wait to see!

UPDATE: Here are some of the fantastic responses we received to this weekly challenge – a HUGE thank you to all the children who watched the video and submitted a response.

In our key worker bubble in school, we saw some fantastic ideas from children who decided to try more offline activities: