Today, year 5 were lucky enough to travel through space and the solar system (virtually, of course!) in an extremely interesting workshop run by Geobus.

Kahlo space explorers ready to go

We learnt so many new facts about the planets and our solar system! Did you know that the sun, which is at the centre of our solar system, is 15 million degrees? Or, that Venus is full of volcanoes?

Have a read of the most memorable facts Kahlo Class learnt about space today:

By Liyanna
By Humaira
By Hussain

During the workshop we had an exciting surprise… Everyone received a pair of 3D glasses and some images of the surface of Mars. We got to look up close at the rocky surface and experience it in 3D!

“We used the 3D glasses to look at the surface of Mars”
“I could see rocks. It felt real, like I could touch it!”
Examining Mars in 3D😎

We got to ask questions to the scientist at the end before we said a HUGE THANK YOU and then completed our solar system fact sheets and learning reflections. What a busy afternoon!

Sharie and Sameera focussed on their space word brainstorm!
Learning in 3D!