floating and sinking eggs- scroll down to read more about it.
Mr Booth’s wonderful volcanoes that we later exploded
We made exploding volcanoes with Mr Booth using bicarbonate soda, liquid, red food colour and vinegar. The ingredients mixed together to cause a chemical reaction which caused them to spurt out of the crater of our volcano. It was a bit like a real volcano that explodes under the pressure of hot molten lava inside the Earth’s surface! It was jaw dropping fun!
The moment Tahiya realised that she could sink an orange by removing the orange peel. We learnt that the orange peel is full of tiny air pockets that keep the orange floating in water. When we took it off, it sank right to the bottom!
we did some maths challenges too from the NRICH maths website. Try it out- there are lots of fun interactive games on there too.
we had a carousel of STEAM activities
floating orange before we peeled the skin off
The floating egg experiment. We had lots of theories about why some eggs sank to the bottom of the water and why some eggs were floating. Some of these were because we thought some eggs were heavier than others, the amount of water was different, the yolk might have been taken out. We then saw a pot of table salt and thought that might have something to do with it. We added salt to the water, dissolved it in and realised that the egg started to float in the salty water! The water became dense with salt, that is why the egg floated in the salty water!