This week marks the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It is most well–known for fasting, which means not eating or drinking during the daylight hours, but it is also a time where Muslim families come together in their faith and remember those around the world and at home who are less fortunate than themselves.

It is an important time for many of our families, and children often like to take part in the fast. There are many ways in which families choose to support their children joining in while making sure that they are healthy and alert for school and their learning.

Some ideas that families have shared with me are:

  1. Fasting by taking their evening meal after dusk while still having breakfast and lunch.
  2. Fasting for one or two days of the weekend, when the children can be relaxed and are able to sleep and be calm.
  3. Giving up some foods that are more pleasurable while still drinking water and eating food that keeps the children well.

Families tell me that these ideas help prepare the children for fasting when they’re old enough and allow them to feel a part of this special time.

There are a small number of parents who occasionally wish their children to fast during the month. For this to happen in school, a parent must speak to someone senior at the school so that we can discuss how we’ll look after your child during the day, which is long and warm at this time of year.

We do not think that it is suitable for children who are Year 4 and under to fast during the school day.

From everyone at Lansbury Lawrence, Ramadan Mubarak!