This week, Kahlo Class was host to a world-renowned poet and spoken word artist, Joelle Taylor. Joelle, who is the creator of the Poetry Slambassador event, visited 5A to run a two-day poetry workshop.

On Tuesday, Joelle assisted the students in creating poems about the earth and themselves. Then, in the afternoon, a small group of poets was selected for further work – this group of brave wordsmiths will represent Lansbury Lawrence at the upcoming Junior Slambassador event on Feb 14th!

Working with Joelle Taylor

Anton said, “I really liked the beginning of the workshop because we got to invent our own poetry.” Tasmia added, “I found making my own poem was my favourite part of the day.”

Joelle returned on Thursday to assist the group in expressing themselves through the written word. They bravely practised a group poem and an individual performance also. Joelle was so impressed with the quality of writing and the passion which the students brought.