It all started with a mysterious bag of beans left outside of Kapoor class…

Kapoor Class have been learning about the Jack and the Beanstalk. First, they created their own giant and then planned their innovated story on a boxed plan.

Kapoor Class proud of their giants!

Children had a burst of creativity and came up with their very own giant.

They thought about their giant’s appearance and senses. They were all uniquely intimidating yet fascinating!

Iqra and Ryan planned their story using pictures and fronted adverbials to help them re-tell their story.
Isra and Safia telling each other their stories.

After that, children paired up and took turns telling each other their story. Partner A went first and talked through their story using their ‘giant’ puppets, while Partner B followed through the plan.

Finally, children felt confident enough to tell their story to the whole class.

Each pair sat in front of an audience to tell their story. We took turns listening to our friends.

‘Caleb and the Beanstalk’ – Caleb performed in front of the whole class alongside his learning partner Halima.

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