Today, we went to Manorfield Primary School to take part in a Philosothon.

For our warm up game, we had to select a postcard that we felt related to us the most. Once we had chosen our postcard, we had to introduce ourselves and explain why we connected to the postcard we chose. After that, we played another warm up game where we had to throw a bean bag and say the name of the person we were passing the bean bag to.

For our stimulus, we watched a video which included animals being kind to each other.

We then had to think about which of the big ideas linked to the stimulus. We wrote the ideas on a paper and then made links between the concepts.

Once we had linked all the concepts together, we were split into groups. In those groups, we had to select a big idea and generate a question.

We then voted for our favourite/most interesting question and the question we selected was:

Before we began to discuss the question, we clarified what the concepts difference and visible meant. We started to discuss the question. Here are a few of our thoughts:

‘I think difference is not always visible because some people can have cancer or lung disease and you wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside.’ – Akram

‘I think difference is not always visible because some people might have a hole in their heart or a disease and nobody can see that and nobody can understand how they feel because they cannot relate to that.’ – Azrin

‘I think difference isn’t always visible because in the inside, you might have a different personality but on the outside, you may act differently to your personality.’ – Ifaz

‘I think difference is visible because someone could have a facial disability and you can notice that. I also think difference is not always visible because people might have a reading disability and you won’t know that unless you hear them read.’ – Nuba

‘I think difference isn’t always visible because people have different blood in their body and they have different genes and genetics from their parents, which you can’t see.’ – Sara

At the end of the Philosothon, we received our certificates.
Thank you to Ms Saunders and Manorfield Primary School for hosting and inviting us to the Philosothon.

By Sara, Nuba, Ifaz, Azrin & Akram