We have been learning different strategies to add addends in maths, and we compared them in groups on a big piece of paper. We talked about partitioning, adjusting and redistributing. In redistributing we subtracted from one addend and added it to the other addend to make the calculation easier to do. Now we know how to add efficiently.

Assembly: We won class of the week last week and we were excited. It was a thrilling moment, and we picked an envelope that said Playtime in Bartlett Park! We didn’t go this week, but we can’t wait because it will make our play even better.

English: We learnt about recounts and what they are. Diaries are an example, and we have been creating ones for a character in The Iron Man. It was our second diary entry, and this week it was about Hogarth trapping the iron giant in the pit. In whole class reading, we have almost finished the book and the new danger in the story is a dragon from space.

Our topic is Ancient Civilisations, so in two weeks time we are going on a trip to the British Museum. We have planned our route, and we will be taking the tube and the DLR train. We visited the Science Museum last half term, so we expect this trip to be really fun too. The four ancient civilisations that we are learning about are Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer and the Shang Dynasty, but there are lots more. Everybody is looking forward to the museum teaching us more.