On Thursday, Year Three had the privilege of visiting the clocktower. Here is what the children had to say about the trip:

‘We went to the clocktower and I saw houses and lots of shops. Me and my group saw a man called Simon and he was very nice. We felt excited, also tired when we went up the stairs.’ – Juweriyah

‘Yesterday, we went to the clocktower and we counted how many stairs there were. From the top of the building, I saw Langdon Park. We met Simon who worked in Chrisp Street Market and he told us what he wanted us to do. I was so happy because we got new pens.’ – Ilyaas

‘In the clocktower, I counted steps to know how many steps are there. When I went to the top, I saw All Saints DLR. Outside of the clocktower, I saw Simon. I felt excited when I went to the clocktower.’ – Tagiba

‘When I went to the clocktower, there were 80 or 90 steps. When I went up all the stairs, I was amazed! I didn’t see such a view for a long time. The clocktower was bigger than I expected. I saw thousands of buildings and it was amazing. Sadly, I didn’t see anyone I knew. Me and my friends were all happy and excited about it! – Sumaya