Today in Kapoor class we have been deepening our understanding of number bonds to 10. Knowing our number bonds to 10 off by heart will help us with all of our maths learning in the future and is one of the key building blocks to being amazing mathematicians.

We love singing along to the Ten Again song to start our learning, we can practice singing this song at home too!

Our Number sense maths learning matches up with the Numberblocks programmes so they are a fun way for us to explore number in our learning.

After we sang along with Numberblocks we improved our maths fluency by writing number sentences to match Part Part Wholes to ten.

Next we worked in groups to problem solve a number bonds to 10 puzzle. We had 9 triangles each with 3 numbers on them, we had to make a giant triangle but all the numbers that touched had to add up to 10!

I liked this puzzle because I had to try my hardest and it was quite tricky. My partners and me didn’t give up and we kept on trying and trying.


I loved this puzzle because it was hard. I like hard things because it’s good for your brain. I noticed when you matched the number bonds sometimes the colours matched too. We also made a hexagon.


Finally, to finish our lesson we played a game of Am I am Number Bond to 10? In this game we have to use our thumbs to show yes or no without doing any counting then we have to explain how we know.

I know 1 + 9 is a number bond to 10 because in the Numberblocks song it says 9 + 1 going for a run. I know you can swap numbers when you add.