Dear Parents and Carers

Next week we have our much anticipated Christmas performances. The childen have been practising very hard on their songs and in their rehearsals. Due to audience numbers, the children will perform their show twice. Please see the allocated time for you to come and watch the performance at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Zoo Lab visits EYFS

The Zoo Lab visited reception and nursery, and they came with lots of different animals for us to meet! We met George the snake, Simon the frog, Flora and Belle the rats, Lucy the spider, Susan the cockroach and Rodney the millipede. Rodney’s 208 legs tickled our hands when he walked.

The Mammoth Hunt

Hepworth class had an exciting, outdoor english lesson creating freeze-frames of our story ‘The Mammoth Hunt’. We created freeze-frames of the 5 main scenes of the story and focused on how we could show the emotions the characters were feeling. It was really fun, but more importantly, it helped us to understand the characters and the story more!

Merry Chrispmas

Our wonderful school choir did a fantastic job singing at the switching on of the lights at Chrisp Street market. They took the stage with confidence and created a wonderful festive atmosphere. 

Family Science

Thank you to all of our community who are taking part in our on-going Family Science experiments at home. We love getting the photos and thoughts about how the science behind all of the different experiements works. New experiments are posted on the newsletter every two weeks, and we will be making a fantastic display from all of your images soon. This week’s experiment is Bubble Science…

Parent/ Carer Coffee Morning

Come and meet new friends over a cup of tea or coffee every Wednesday morning.

Sessions held in the parent room, by the Early Years entrance.

Please see Maureen for further information.


Tuesday 10th December 

Yrs4-6 Christmas Show – The Snow Queen
9.30am : Parents/Carers – Year 4 & Kahlo Class

2.30pm : Parents/Carers – Lichtenstein Class & Year 6

Thursday 12th December 

 Yrs1-3 Christmas Show – Together at Christmas
9.30am : Parents/Carers – Year 1 and Tagore Class

2.30pm  : Parents/Carers – Delaunay Class and Year 3

Wednesday 18th December

Last day of Autumn term, finish at 2pm


Bubble Science

you will need

Granulated sugar




Measuring spoons


straw (or pipette if you have one)


1. Pour about 237 ml of water into the cup. Using warm water can be helpful.

2. Add a tablespoon of granulated sugar to the water.

3. Add two tablespoons of the dish soap to the water. Use the tablespoon to stir the solution gently until the sugar dissolves. This is where the warmer water is useful; the sugar will dissolve faster. You want to avoid a lot of foam on or in the water so take your time.

4. Use the scissors to cut off about a half-inch (1 cm) from the bulb end of the pipette. This is now your bubble wand. Alternatively, use a straw. Google how to cut it to use it as the wand.

5. It’s important that the surface you work on be very clean and have no pits or bumps on it. Smoothness makes better bubbles! That’s why it’s also important that all of the sugar be dissolved in the soap solution. Use your fingers to spread some of the bubble solution in an 8-10” (20-25 cm) circle on the work surface of your table.

6. Dip the cut end of the bubble wand (the pipette) into the soap solution so it’s coated completely. Blow a bubble hemisphere onto the moistened surface. Make it a fairly large bubble. The sugar you added (especially if it’s Imperial Sugar or Dixie Crystals) gives the bubble wall a lot more strength, flexibility, and stability.

7. Dip and coat the bubble wand completely again and gently push it inside the first bubble. Blow a second bubble on the surface inside the first bubble. Go for a third etc

8. Take your time and go for a personal best of blowing bubbles inside bubbles. As you blow, watch how the outer bubbles change as you blow a bubble inside. Think about how each bubble has to accommodate the air trapped inside it with each new bubble you blow. So much science – so much fun!

Video links:

Bubble Science

This link uses a straw… Bubble Science with a straw

Send photos of your child’s bubble science and their thoughts to: