Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back! We are so proud of how everyone has started this new school year. Everybody has adjusted to the new routines we have in place extremely well, and we are looking forward to lots of exciting learning in the year ahead. Below are a few images taken by teachers this week, of your children calm and settled within their classroom environments.

Health & Safety

Thank you all very much for your support this week and for following our guidance for protecting our children and the community from covid-19. We’re particularly thankful for the social distancing that the parents have observed with each other and the staff in the playground before and after school. 

We also thank you for your patience in not entering the classrooms in the morning. We’re very proud that in normal times Lansbury Lawrence welcomes parents in to the classroom every day and it’s  difficult for us not to be able to to do this. It’s especially difficult at this time of year when the parents and class teachers have yet to meet properly. There is a link to the videos that the class teachers made in July to welcome the children:

We will also be publishing videos to replace our regular ‘Meet the Teacher’ events that we normally hold each year.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for sending in your children with bottles of water. Please do remember to put your child’s name on them. Shared water fountains are not available for now so this really helps us to keep the cost down and also with the smooth running of the school day.

If you’d like to refresh yourself on the steps the school is taking, we’ve linked the original letter below as well as the additional information for the Early Years Hub. If you have any other questions, please do speak to any member of staff in the school playground and they will make sure your question is answered.