Hello everyone! We have been having yet another great week over here in Lichtenstein class.

In particular, we have been having a lot of fun getting both our creative and engineering brains thinking as we tackled a fascinating Design and Technology Workshop in style!

Along or journey we discovered a whole host of new and exciting things all to do with mechanisms and how they work and we were tasked with creating our own mechanism and the finished pieces have been fantastic!

Here we have Ehsan, Syeda, Lorien, Ibrahim, Muhammed, Israh and Fatima B all focused in on their mechanisms! You can also see Tahmid in the background testing out his mechanism’s functionality as a hat!
Fatima Z, Nazmul, Jannatul, Billy, Zubayr and Aaqib showcasing their creations and showing us their enthusiasm for the workshop!
Our fantastic finished products and all with such incredible and creative designs!

I hope that you have enjoyed having a look at our mechanisms and much as we enjoyed inventing them. We look forward to many more creative and interesting endeavours in the future!