Today, Year 3 spent a fun afternoon investigating magnetic fields of attraction and repulsion. We sorted materials in our mini scrapyard into magnetic and non-magnetic and found out that not all metals are magnetic! They have to contain iron, cobalt or nickle in order to be attracted to the magnet.

Next we observed the magnetic field around a magnet using iron filings. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the iron filings made a beautiful pattern around the magnet! We learnt that this was the shape of the magnetic field that is always around a magnet, only we can’t usually see it because it is invisible.

Finally we were challenged to move a paperclip around a maze without it even touching the magnet. This was tricky at first as the clip kept being attracted to the magnet and making contact. Eventually, we realised you could move the paperclip with the magnet THROUGH the paper! It was like magic!