by Mahmudur and Syeda

We learnt about parts of a plant and what their function is in gardening this week. Joe taught us that the roots keep the plants steady and the leaves make food for the whole plant. We saw flowers in our school’s gardens and we know they attract bees, butterflies and other insects so the plants can grow other plants. We also planted sweetcorn seeds in the soil and put them in the greenhouse.

We started looking at a new story in English about a snow leopard who is a magical Mergichan living in the Mergich Realm. We were all in groups of 5 retelling the story and acting out the chapters. In geography we researched to find out about mountains and volcanoes in the UK. I discovered that there are no active volcanoes at the moment.

At the end of the week, some of us were lucky to go to Duncan Court to visit some members of our community. We sang them songs and read them stories. They showed us their goldfish, and we got to explore their garden where there was a bright colourful plant called a rainbow plant. Alfred helped by giving us a tour. We enjoyed sharing our writing and reading the storybooks, and we smiled because it made the people happy.