This term Kahlo class are exploring all things KINDNESS!

So far, we have been thinking about and discussing; what does kindness mean to us? How can we show kindness? And, what is the impact of kindness on others?

In our first P4C session, the class wrote kindness poems detailing what kindness meant to them.

Kindness is helping each other
Kindness is saying good morning! By Nubia
Kindness poems by Amelia and Arafah

We have also worked together to create a wonderful “Kindness Corner” in our classroom to recognise and celebrate all the kind acts we do and see! Each child made their own envelope to receive ‘thank you messages’ from others who they have shown kindness to.

Kahlo Class’ Kindness Corner!

We’ve had SO many ‘thank yous’ being given and recieved so far:

“Thank you to Maryam for playing basketball with me at lunchtime” – Mekayeel

“I would like to say thank you to Imteyaz for sharing space facts with me” – Hussain

“Thank you to Zainab for helping with my Maths” – Naeema

How does the video link to kindness?

Today, we also had a class discussion about how the video linked to kindness. We agreed that kindness breeds more kindness and showing empathy towards others, helping others and sharing are all good acts of kindness.

We would love the conversations about kindness to continue at home. What does kindness mean to you? How do you think the video links to kindness?

Our class thoughts on kindness and the video

Thank you Kahlo Class for all your kind acts and ‘thank yous’ this week! Keep spreading kindness!