Today we were working with Joe, our school gardener; we learnt how to water plants and pick the purple and green, long and bumpy beans. We enjoyed watering and we saw the most beautiful flowers ever!

We saw grapes and some children ate them; they were amazingly delicious! The courgettes looked strange and looked different from the cucumbers. Some of the potatoes were lumpy but some were a different shape as well. There were also herbs and vegetables that were edible and had a light minty colour.

We also cut and harvested the spinach leaves. We dug the radishes with a trowel and we raked the soil. The next class will hopefully plant seeds in our prepared soil.

Last, but not least, there were also fresh, yellow sweet corn that were slowly starting to grow.

“Harvesting was great fun!” – Maha

Written by Armin, Hameeda and Sarah.