This week in Riley Class, children have begun to explore the concept of ‘whole’ and ‘parts’ in relation to fractions. Our first lesson began with deepening our understanding of the whole and the parts within by using real world examples from our environment and making links to geography!

Kye came up with his own sentences for part and whole:

“If Riley Class is the whole, then Kye is part of the whole.”

We then looked at equal parts of the whole and sorted different representations into a table showing Equal Parts/Not Equal Parts.

Children made different ‘wholes’ using cuisenaire rods to explore equal parts and rehearse the sentence structures for whole and parts. In her written reflection Maidah commented:
‘A change in my thinking at the end of this was lesson is that the ‘whole’ can be large or small. For example, the whole could be the World or the ‘whole’ could be a pencil.’