Year 5 are currently in the middle of an intense cycling training course.

We were recently visited by Martin from Cycling Instructor who brought 4 brand new bikes for the children to try out on the playground.

Some children were familiar with cycling as they have a bike at home already; for others, it was difficult because they didn’t quite know how to ride a bike.

Ready to ride!

Quotes from 5A: “It was really fun!”, Zain – “It was super fun and easy!”, Hamzah – “I found it challenging but then I pulled through.”, Suraya – “It was a great experience!”, Thazkiyra

On your marks…

Martin helped everyone to become more confident on the bike.

This week, further practice will take place on the KS2 playground so that more children can improve their skills.

Another group of children will be taken out on the local streets to learn about how to cycle safely on the road.