Hepworth Class had our own family science day during our exhibition this week! We had several experiments that we had done this term, set up around the classroom for our adults to try and we got a go at being the teachers!

We also got the chance to show off our sunglasses that we made.

“The lenses are translucent so they block some of the light but not all of it. “


“You should never look at the sun because it can damage your eyes. “


The best bit was getting to experience total darkness. This is something we don’t often experience because there is usually a light coming from somewhere, such as a streetlight creeping through the curtains. When we were under the table with the blackout curtains, we couldn’t even see our hands in front of our face!

“I could see my hand….only joking! Even when my hand was touching my face, I still couldn’t see it!”


Don’t forget, you can get a chance to do family science at home every week by finding the family science experiment on the leaflet! They’re fun, simple and exciting!