Another term full of learning, fun and adventure!

This term has been incredibly busy and filled with exciting activities. Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been up to:

Our Year 2 students have been diving into the world of math and finance! They’ve been mastering multiplication, telling time, and learning all about money. From understanding pennies to counting pounds and making change.

In Tagore class, we have been having a blast playing pretend shopping, taking turns being both customers and shopkeepers. We have been practicing our math skills by carefully figuring out what we can buy and how much change to give to the customer.

In Tagore class, we’ve been mastering the art of telling time! Our students can confidently read not just the basic o’clock times but also grasp half-past, quarter-past, and quarter-to. It’s been wonderful to see their progress as they become time-telling experts.

This term in English, we have been reading “The Magic Paint Brush.” The students reimagined the story, putting their own creative twists on it. They also had the opportunity to design their own wild creature, drawing inspiration from “The Gruffalo.”

Our topic this term is “The Seven Continents of the World.” We have been exploring each continent, learning about their unique landscapes, cultures, and wildlife. Through engaging activities and interactive lessons, we have been discovering fascinating facts and developed a deeper understanding of the diverse world we live in. To help us with our learning, we have been practicing “The Seven Continents” song. We even had the exciting opportunity to perform it during assembly. This is the song we’ve been learning:

Philosophy for Children (P4C): This term in P4C, we have focused on developing creative thinking skills. Throughout the year, our students have engaged in various stimulating discussions. Recently, we’ve explored thought-provoking questions like:

  • Is it ever okay to be happy if your actions make others feel sad?
  • Can you find something if it already belongs to someone else?
  • Who decides who has the right to use an item?
  • How do you know when something belongs to you?
  • Do we really own anything?

These discussions have encouraged our students to think deeply and share their unique perspectives.

Tagore Class Achievements: Tagore Class won the Tokens of the Week and celebrated with a special VIP lunch, served by Mr. O’Regan and Ms. De Jager. The class had a fantastic time, enjoying every moment of their well-deserved reward. Congratulations, Tagore Class! Keep up the excellent work!

Student Reflections: Here are some reflections and comments from the students in Tagore Class:

  • Muniya: “This term I enjoyed Math and English. I liked learning about money and how to read the time. My favorite was playing the shopkeeper game. Now, I can read the time better.”
  • Finley: “I enjoyed visiting Tower Bridge and the glass floor. My knees were wobbly, but it was fun!”
  • Nabil: “In math, I really enjoyed learning about money, especially shopping. I was a shopkeeper, and I had to give change to my customers. I had to count the money properly so I didn’t give too much away. I’m also impressed with my handwriting and spelling!”
  • Milayah: “I enjoyed learning about the clock. I’m better at telling the time, and I also know my times tables better because I love TTRS.”
  • Fahad: “I am proud of how I can dance. I was so shy before, but now I don’t mind if my friends see me dance.”

Looking forward to our final term together!