Lichtenstein class has achieved an outstanding score of over 95,000 points on Times Tables Rockstars for two weeks in a row! Having scored 97,770 last week, the students set themselves a new target of one hundred thousand, which they surpassed in this week’s battle by totalling an impressive 102,292. Lichtenstein has brought their class participation up to 93% in this time, and students have regularly reached individual milestones of over 5,000 and 10,000. The best was 25,575 and is the highest points total of any student across the whole school this entire academic year.

The class has been working hard to maintain their focus on maths right up to the summer term, and students have been encouraging each other to strengthen their multiplication and division knowledge by playing TTR at home.

Lichtenstein, we are proud of you. Keep up this positive attitude and take the hard work with you through to year 6.