Lansbury Lawrence and Duncan Court together before the pandemic

Introduction from Magic Me

Between May – July 2021, Lansbury Lawrence’s Arts Council have been working with residents living at Duncan Court, Extra Care Scheme from a distance. Using the song ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers as a starting point, both groups created a mixtape of songs that make them feel lovely and created new lyrics for a special version of ‘Lovely Day’. Staff at Lansbury Lawrence Primary and Duncan Court, have been working with Magic Me artist Freya Wynn-Jones to develop creative ideas and think about the long-term goals of their partnership.

The Lovely Day Project is part of a long-term partnership between Lansbury Lawrence Primary School and Duncan Court.

In early 2020, residents and pupils began working together through creative projects, led by Magic Me, an intergenerational arts charity based in Tower Hamlets. These projects were part of Magic Me’s Arts & Ages programme, connecting Primary Schools with groups of older people to build long-lasting connections. For more information visit:

Hello Duncan Court! We know you like to sing, and we hope you like the film of our song! From the Lansbury Lawrence Arts Council…

Here are the lyrics and backing track if you want to sing along, or even play the music, yourself.


Freya Wynn-Jones performing Lovely Day in Poplar with backing music.

Along with devising our own song, we shared some of our favourite music with each other. Below is the Lovely Day in Poplar mixtape! Featuring favourite songs from the residents of Duncan Court and favourite songs from the Lansbury Lawrence Arts Council. Something special we can share with each other remotely.

Duncan Court and Lansbury Lawrence mixtape