What a busy and fun week in year 5!

Today, we took part in a workshop with the National Gallery where we learnt about the artwork of Monet and experimented with colours to create our own masterpieces.

First, we looked at different paintings by Monet that are displayed in the National Gallery. We learnt that Monet liked to paint nature and water and he liked to use lots of colours in his paintings – especially green!

We learnt about the tools needed to create such impressive artwork such as the pallet, oil paint and a pallet knife.

Then, it was our turn to get creative with colour!
We used the primary colours – blue, yellow and red – to make various shades of greens, purples and oranges.
We used colouring pencils to shade
Zakia was proud of her colours, including a lovely light green!
We also put our skills to the test and created images with different colours and shapes. Natasha was very focussed
Abdullah very happy with his colour chart – a full rainbow!
Ishmam enjoyed making orange by mixing red and yellow
Ayaanah made a large ranges of greens by applying different amounts of pressure when blending the colours

Overall, we had a lovely morning playing with colours. Thank you to the National Gallery and Ms Sellens for organising!