This term our theme is on People that help us and we have been learning about how the emergency services keep us safe in the 21st century. Tagore class and Delaunay class have been very lucky to have met (through videocall) two different real life heroes; a police officer called Megan and a nurse called Esther. The children prepared and asked lots of interesting questions such as how do you help people? What tools do you use in your job? Do you enjoy your job? How did you train for your job? The officer and nurse were very pleased to meet the children and commented on the children’s enthusiasm and great questions! They also gave advice and tips to the children on what they could do in school if they are interested in becoming a police officer or a nurse. Some of those things are to work hard, not to give up, be an good listener and be a caring community; things that we are teaching the children at Lansbury regularly.