At Lansbury Lawrence Primary School our school vision underpins our curriculum.      Lansbury Lawrence Primary School (289)

Lansbury Lawrence Curriculum Drivers:

Community Be respectful, be collaborative
Communication Be articulate, be a listener
Health and Well-being Be resilient, be confident
Growth Mindset Be ambitious, be determined

Our curriculum is thematic and cross-curricular. Each year group has a half termly theme that may have a History, Geography or Science focus reflecting the context of our school, local and global community.

Our themes inspire Learning Projects. These are purposeful and cross-curricular experiences that draw on learning in two or three subjects. This is an inter-disciplinary cross-curricular approach, whereby expectations for progress and achievement in all subjects represented in a Learning Project are equally high. Wherever possible, Learning Projects are linked to English units, which also reflect the theme. This means that the language, concepts and ideas accessed in projects filters into the children’s writing, making learning experiences rich across the curriculum.

We enrich our curriculum with visitors and workshops in school, as well as sending children on an educational visit linked to the theme each half term.

We experience the world in a cross-curricular way. Therefore, we must give children learning experiences that teach them to make meaningful links in their own lives. Learning Projects are inclusive, and engage children of all learning styles whilst developing their creativity, self-esteem and confidence.

Working in partnership with Wigmore Hall and THAMES, we provide our children with high quality Music provision, in addition to incorporating Music into Learning Projects.

Some subjects, such as Religious Education, Computer Science, Physical Education and French are taught through discrete lessons. We have specialist teachers for Art, Drama and French. A full-time specialist sports coach works with teachers to deliver exemplary PE lessons.

Year Curriculum Maps

Each year group has a Curriculum map that outlines the topics for each half term, and the cross-curricular links between the subject areas.

On the Classes section of the website you will be able to read our ‘Topic Snapshots’ which will give you a flavour and sense of the learning experiences that are planned for each class.



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