Yesterday, Hokusai explored respect online and considered the types of relationships we want to have when using the internet. At the end of the lesson, we recorded a video diary as part of our reflection and shared our thoughts.

Mechid, Shadi, Zayaan, Umar: We thought about the statement “Being online is all fun and games.” I think that being online isn’t all fun and games because sometimes you have to work or study. Sometimes you may also be hacked or someone may say insulting words or do something you don’t like. Being rude is not fun and games.

Uthman and Madiha: We did an activity with a Mexican wave to see how easy it is for a negative comment to spread. You can stop negative comments from continuing by not taking part.

Aleena and Syeda: We can respect ourselves and each other online by encouraging other people who we are playing online games with to be nice. Also, you can remember not to be rude yourself.

Uthman: Now that we’ve explored respect and relationships online, I suggest that we should never be rude and that people should have permission for some of the things they do online.

Our video diary