All across Lansbury Lawrence this half term is about community. Each year group look at a different aspect of our local community and in year 2 we are looking at the emergency services in Poplar.

For our geography feildwork expedition we used a map of our local area to find out where we were walking and also to identify the buildings Ms Bridge had numbered on our maps. When we got back to school we used the numbered buildings and street names we had spotted to trace the route we walked onto our maps.

Whilst we were out and about, we wasn’t just working on our map skills, we were also collecting data! We was collecting data about the emergency services in use in our area. We had to make a tally for any emergency vehicles we saw or heard. We saw two ambulances and one fire truck. Next week we’ll compare this data with Ms Bridge’s data, taken at at different time.

Where are we on the map?
Fire Truck!
Making the ordinary, exciting!
Riden & Magda spotted one of the buildings marked on the map