Van Gogh class put on their philosophy hats as they have been exploring what it means to be a collaborative thinker in Philosophy 4 Children. The children came up with ideas of what they thought being a collaborative thinker meant before warming up their brains with warm up activities showing their collaborative thinking skills.

An interesting discussion took place on whether it would be good or bad to swap brains with someone. As one child said “It would be good to swap brains with someone because you can find out how they are feeling and thinking specially if you did something to hurt them” Whilst another child disagreed and said “It would be bad to swap brains with someone because you will forget who you are and will not remember your friends and family.”
After watching a video stimulus, the class chose these concepts to further explore and discuss.
We discussed the concepts further and came up with philosophical ideas and questions we wanted to ask. There were some really interesting questions the children wanted to explore further such as
“Are boys better than girls?”
“Why don’t girls have the same rights as boys?”
” Why can’t girls do the same things as boys?”
“Is gender equality comparable to racism?”

I can not wait to see what philosophical discussions will take place in Van Gogh class this week. How about you have and tell us what you think about “whether its a good or bad idea if we could swap brains with someone.”